When You Arrive

What to bring

When arriving for an appointment, please try to bring any medications your pet is currently taking. Please make sure you cat is in a kennel, or your dog is on a leash.

What to expect

When you arrive your pet will be weighed and a short history will be taken. If your pet is critically ill, then a triage technician will immediately assess your pet, and notify the veterinarian. For all other appointments the veterinarian will perform a physical exam and then talk about their findings and then the vet and the owner will discuss a plan. Before any further testing, or procedures are done the owner will be provided with an estimate of costs. If your vet requires care after hours we will discuss transfer for over night care to the Metro Animal Emergency clinic.

Cost / Quotes

All owners will be provided with an estimate of costs before treatments or procedures are performed.

Payment Options / Plans

After an estimate is provided a deposit will be taken, and complete payment is due when the animal is discharged. We are able to accept, cash, debit, and Visa and Mastercard. Owners can apply for third party financing.

Where to find us